Why Should You Choose Ceramic Decorative Planter for Your House ?

just look around you. Most of the items in your home are most possibly be out of something breakable yet beautiful. Porcelain, glass, that of cement, bricks, and even that of graphite are just some of the different types of materials that make up your ceramics collection. However since your tiles and that of glass ornaments are mostly made out of non-metallic solids, there is one amazing item that is often neglected and taken for granted. And that is planters.

If you look into the options int realm of planting pots, they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, mainly in the present time that home-based gardening is actually taking the universe by storm.  Most of these planters come from easily formed clay that is somewhat air-dried. A few years back, these plant-holders were quite expensive. However, there are a huge number of affordable planters in the present time  and the common ones actually huge sized bowls. Most plant enthusiasts and lovers do prefer a ceramic planter because of the many reasons. Of course these ceramic planters can also work like ceramic decorative items and ensure that you make the most of them for your house. Here are some of the many reasons that you should opt for ceramic planters for your space.

Impressive designs to choose from

Houseplants are not actually formed up or created equal. Some are tiny (aloe, that of anthurium, herbs, and more.), and some actually grow tall (dracaena, snake plant, ficus, etc.) You can easily choose from a massive and impressive array of sizes, designs, colours, and shapes, relying on what you are going to plant in it. Most pots or planters are actually curved, so they are already somewhat visually appealing and impressive. And it will unavoidably turn out to be a conversation piece amidst your family as well as friends whenever they visit.

Moreover, no matter you want to keep these planters indoors or simply in your garden or the yard, you can be sure that you get the designs that compliment your entire house. You can be confident that you upscale the overall ambience of your space. The right designer and good-looking ceramic pots will definitely bring a perfect décor contentment to the onlookers. Being the host of the house, you would be going to love it in every inch. You can match up the designs and shades of the ceramic planters with your walls, windows and so on. Hence, you can blend it all in a cohesive and charming manner. And if you are wondering that you need to spend through your nose for these lovely looking planters then you are mistaken. You would find them in different budgets and hence, not a financial pain for sure.

Offer sufficient air and moisture to your beloved plants 

Most planters made out of ceramic are permeable. Even when these planters are glassy, they help with air and humidity in flowing through plants whenever necessary. With the pot you can easily experience the essential type of plant nutrients to course through the entire plants. It includes the roots. It even traps moisture as well as fertiliser in the soil for a productive, healthier plant setting.

Better level of durability and more considerable than plastic pots

There are two simple ways that the top-heavy plants are going to make the most of or simply advantage from containers that are made out of or formed of ceramics. First, in case there is a robust windstorm, it can definitely guard your plant from a bad tumble. 

Then the second one is, a heavy-duty planter grows with that of the plant by carrying its entire weight. So for as long as you have planted it in a durable and absolutely heavy ceramic planter, it is not going to collapse or tumble.  Indeed, durability  is one important thing that you cannot simply overlook. Since you are getting both designs and durability in the realm of ceramic décor pots and planters, you must not miss out on them. these pots will ensure that your plants do not break the pot or any wind may not harm the planter and eventually the plants in the pot. You would have a peace of mind that your planters and the plants in them are absolutely safe and dashing!

Guard plants against sudden temperature drops

Did you have any idea that ceramic planters are absolutely functional and eco-friendly? Yes, they do not really seem to be so due to their intricate as well as gorgeous appearance. But most pots or planters do have thick walls, and there is even a reason for it other than simply mere durability and stability. The planter simply shields the houseplant against any sort of sudden changes in temperature. During the really hot summertime, it guards your greens against massive heat absorption. It even traps moisture inside the soil on warm days, so plant maintenance is not really a hassle as most non-plant folks may feel or think.

Choose waterproof planters for extra layer of safety 

Since there are manifold designs and colours to pick from, you can even opt to station your plants indoors or even that of outdoors. Most of these ceramic planters are already completely waterproof. So in case the time comes that you require to bring your other plants in the house, you can easily do so as your watering is not going to leave a big mess.


The bottom line is, planting your greens is actually rapidly turning out to be a new norm in this present-day generation. It is time that you guard and lengthen the life spans of your beloved herbs, houseplants, and even that of succulents by simply homing them in a stunning looking ceramic planter. Hence, such a ceramic décor piece would not just get your plants a perfect home but also ensure that your entire space beams and look really attractive. After all, right designer and decorative planters and pots are all over the place to make a specific space absolutely fulfilling and gorgeous.


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