Safe Ship Moving Services Talks About The Simple Steps to Declutter, Downsize, and Simplify Relocating

One of the leading reasons to consider downsizing the home is very common in individuals approaching retirement as it helps to control costs, lessen the burden, and live a simpler life by moving to a small abode. According to the Safe Ship Moving Services community especially after kids grow up, get married, and leave home it appears meaningless to live in a large home. Moving to a smaller home can be a great way to get mental and financial relief while having the opportunity to make dreams such as a foreign trip come true with financial stability. 

However, decluttering and downsizing before relocating may seem to be challenging, if it is not done in a well-planned way. Follow the guide with strategic tips for effective downsizing and peaceful moving. 

Take Inventory of The Belongings

Individuals who intend to downsize to a new smaller apartment, naturally won’t have enough space that can accommodate things that have multiplied throughout the long time. Therefore, before starting packing, it is important to declutter things that don’t make sense to carry and accordingly take an inventory of the current belongings.

Tip for Downsizing 

Follow three simple steps for effective decluttering. First of all, set a deadline for the decluttering project as it will help in handling things and accomplishing the project goals efficiently.

  • Sort Through Room-by-Room 

To sort things in a well-organized way, it is recommended to keep three boxes or bins by marking them ‘to Keep’ ‘Dispose of ‘, and ‘Keep for Storage’. The idea of sorting in this way is:

  • Things that will be required after moving to the new place should be stored in the box ‘ to Keep’ 
  • Things of sentimental value or are used seasonally should be put in storage. Therefore they should be kept in the bin labeled as ‘ Keep for Storage’ 
  • The things that would no longer be used should be kept in the bin marked as ‘ Dispose Of’ 

Thus, it will be helpful to sort things and keep them in the appropriate bin. Shorting room by room is the best idea since it will streamline the process, make it faster, and help avoid confusion.  

  • Make a Plan to Dispose of Unwanted Items

There are different options for disposing things of. So, once after figuring out which items will no longer be carried to the new premises; plan for the different options to discard the things kept in the box leveled as ‘Dispose Of’: 

Organize a Yard Sale: The trash of an individual often appears as a treasure to another person. So, while downsizing make sure to host a yard sale, which is a proven way to earn some extra bucks. Right from lawn equipment to pumping tools, furniture, books, and kid’s clothes are some popular items sold through yard or garage sales.

Donate: Donate things that won’t be in use however, they can be used by someone else in the society. For instance, clothes, mattresses, shoes, etc. that are in more or less good condition can be donated to local charities. 

Recycling: the things that cannot be donated due to the condition or not accepted by the local charity, taking them to recycling stores is a good idea. If the quality is considerable, they can also send their people to pick up the things in exchange for some value.  

Rent a Dumpster: Finally, for the remaining things renting a dumpster is the best way to downsize and declutter the things while adhering to the local rules of waste management. 

  • Work With Professional Movers  

Hiring professional movers like Safe Ship Moving Services means working with a crew of experts who make the whole transition process stress-free, relaxing, and secure. They guide their customers at every step and offer a complete range of services associated with moving needs thereby simplifying relocating to a new city. 

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