Five Most Common and Reliable Payment Methods in Pakistan

Online Payment Methods in Pakistan:

Mobile banking is gradually rising in Pakistan, but most people still use pay orders, call for drafts, and wire transfers for daily transactions.

For a long time, coins have been the best Online Payment Methods in Pakistan. With the surge of e-commerce and online bills, several new modes of charge in the country have become available.

1. Bank Transfer/Wire Transfers

Bank transfers are one of the most depended on and used modes of payment amongst Pakistanis. Users commonly go to their financial organisation branches and fill out paperwork, after which they can deposit the amount in a financial institution account.

With a huge part of the population heavily reliant on this conventional banking mode, charge troubles and long cues are common at banks, especially in the much less-connected areas of the country.

Wire transfers permit customers to send and get money from any financial institution account worldwide. IBAN also can be used for transactions. Banks use SWIFT codes to switch money from their accounts to a bank account in another country or city.

2. Debit/Credit Cards

ATM debit cards also are one of Pakistan’s most used charge modes. Users who open a financial institution account with any central commercial bank in Pakistan can observe a debit card for daily use.

Credit cards are much less common and famous than debit cards because of their involvement with interest which is frowned upon in Pakistan. Several fundamental banks do offer this facility to their users. Around 3.7% of all financial institution cards issued in Pakistan are credit cards.

3. Pay Order/Demand Draft/Cheques

A massive range of companies, particularly SMEs, primarily operates via paper-based payment tactics in Pakistan.

Pay orders permit customers to send money to any organisation, person, or authorities’ business for various reasons. A pay order is likewise known as a “Banker’s cheque” and can best be used for local payments in the same city.

Demand drafts are negotiable things allowing users to send money outside their city. Once the price is made, the receiver Cheques are famous in Pakistan. Businesses and people typically issue cheques to their employees or contractors to make payments. These cheques are both crossed cheques, which can most effectively be deposited into the holder’s account to keep away from scams or steal or order cheques that can be cashed out.

Various companies and governmental bodies issue vouchers that users use to make bills. These vouchers and the desired quantity should be deposited within the bank branches.

Online Payment Methods in Pakistan

4. Cash Agents/Merchants

E-commerce traders registered a more than 75% increase in 2021 in Pakistan. These merchants are small companies or shop owners registered with some of the most popular microfinance systems, together with JazzCash, UBL Omni, and Easypaisa.

Users can go to merchants near their place and make transactions by paying them money. Bill bills, money transfers, and cell programs are some of the features of merchant payments. Cash out the fee by showing the device to the bank.

5. JazzCash

JazzCash is one of the leading microfinance banks in Pakistan. It started in 2012 as an instantaneous competitor to Easypaisa and has now become the leading digital bank by way of the wide variety of transactions some distance before its competition.

Users can use the JazzCash app to make bills, pay payments, book tickets, and pay charges, amongst other offerings. You can send payments to any JazzCash or different bank bills in the city through the bank transfer features of the app.

How to Pay Car Tax Online?

If you are worried about How to Pay Car Tax Online? This section is for you. Every province has equipped the fees schedule for cars, and tables are indexed with the prices mentioning the car type and engine capability.

If you want to pay annual taxes, transfer ownership, or sign in a brand-new vehicle. You can do most of these works online without the hassle of travelling to taxation and excise offices and standing in a queue.

To post your car token tax. You need to gather all the information like your vehicle’s closing paid tax, registration year, and different required information. There is a tax calculator to help you calculate how much tax you want to pay.

The fee process may be done immediately; however, you want to download the revenue processing application form from Apple or google play and save it in a few provinces. You should create your ID and account for your payable dues’ disbursement.


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