Aloe vera: The magical soap ingredient that will make your acne vanish

Aloe Vera is a popular ingredient in the soap for those with skin conditions, including acne and psoriasis. The active ingredient in Aloe Vera-based soaps is known as allantoin which helps to purify the skin by removing toxins. This liquid soap has been around for centuries and it’s still considered a powerful tool for treating different types of skin problems like acne. Also, no scars, soap side effects are very less.

Here are some benefits of Aloe Vera based soap that you should know about before switching to this antibacterial liquid soap:

  1. Reduces irritation

One main cause of acne is skin inflammation and Aloe Vera is being used because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Allantoin, the active ingredient in Aloe Vera, reduces the redness and irritation on the skin. Allantoin has been shown to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis by reducing skin redness. A study has shown that a topical allantoin solution is effective in improving psoriasis severity and erythema (redness) after 4 weeks of use. Allantoin is also available in pills so people can take it internally to reduce inflammation. At No scars, you will get the best soaps for acne-prone skin

  1. Helps prevent further breakouts

Using Aloe Vera based soaps has been shown to help people with acne in preventing further breakouts. A study has shown that the application of a lotion containing Aloe Vera extract can reduce the number of acne lesions after 12 weeks of use, as well as improve the texture and colour of the skin overall. 

  1. Works in reducing scars

You can also improve the appearance of your scars by using Aloe Vera based soap. The soap can remove or soften scars and give off a glow to the skin. A study has shown that applying a cream containing Aloe Vera extract on acne scars resulted in colour movement in skin texture, colour and scar size after 4 weeks of usage. Using the cream resulted in an 80% decrease in the number of pimples on the skin while it also significantly reduced swelling, redness and irritation from acne.

  1. Prevents dry skin

Dry skin is caused by the lack of water-degrading activity of the sebaceous glands. It leads to flaking and skin that feels tight, which can cause a lot of irritation. Aloe Vera based soaps contain natural preservatives while also moisturizing skin.

  1. Prevents stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by rapid growth in newborns and during pregnancy, give off unwanted stretch marks on the skin which often result in stretch marks on women after pregnancy. Aloe Vera based soaps can soften and reduce the appearance of stretch marks when applied to the affected area. This includes both stretch marks during pregnancy and those that appear after delivery.

  1. Treats dry skin and psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that results in red, scaly patches on the body. Aloe Vera extract soaps contain allantoin which is useful in the treatment of psoriasis by improving redness and irritation. A study done on 152 people with mild-to-moderate cases of psoriasis showed that significant improvements were using topical aloe vera extracts compared to topical corticosteroids for these patients. There were also improvements in symptoms such as inflammation, scaling and itching after four weeks of application. This study also showed that the aloe vera cream improved the appearance of skin overall which was highly significant (p<0.0001).


This article has been written to give you an idea about the topical use of Aloe Vera extract. It isn’t only used for skin-related problems, but many other health conditions as well. If you are looking for a soap with allantoin, then look no further than No scars

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